Trees for Learning

We work with schools across Greater Manchester greening school grounds by supplying free trees and organising a ‘how to plant a tree’ day with pupils.

We provide trees, tools, and the expertise. All we need from you is permission, space to plant and enthusiastic kids! This scheme is open to all schools within Greater Manchester.

Benefits to your school

  • Dynamic outdoor learning at all key stage levels
  • Meet the curriculum in a unique way
  • Develop Forest School areas
  • Create safe spaces with screening
  • Free fruit from newly planted orchards

Find out more - Frequently asked questions

What does it cost?
There is no cost to the school. We provide trees, tools including equipment suitable for children such as junior spades and gloves.

What does the planting event involve?
City of Trees staff offer a tree planting session for each school. This includes an introduction to trees and how they shape our everyday lives followed by a demonstration on how exactly to plant a tree. During the remainder of the session children plant trees themselves. We assist and answer any questions they have.

What size of land is needed?
If there is space for the trees to grow safely and healthy then we can plant. To help ascertain this City of Trees will complete a site assessment to advise what trees would be suitable and what species would fit with the school’s individual needs. Get in touch and we can advise what may be possible.

How many trees will be provided?
The number of trees is flexible and will be decided based on the space available, what kind of planting scheme a school in interested in and the basic design - all of which we will advise on.

What types of trees will be planted?
We believe in ‘the right tree in the right place’ so the type of tree we plant depends on the needs of the school and size of land. Planting plans are designed by our professional team.

What about future maintenance of the trees?
We will supply each school with a ‘caring for your trees’ information pack, which will help to keep the trees healthy as they grow. We are also available to be contacted for any advice or guidance whenever the school may need it. We also send out a schools e-newsletter every quarter to make sure schools are up to date with maintenance tips and any further funding hints.

If we have space to plant trees, is it guaranteed that you will work with us?
Availability of the funding will be based on demand for the project, but we are hoping that based on past experience with schools projects, we should be able to accommodate demand.

What about Covid-19 regulations?
We will create detailed risk assessments adhering to government regulations for all events and activities, this will be made available to the school.

We will be happy to chat through any further questions you may have. Get in touch today and start growing your school with trees! Email: or call 0161 872 1660