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Our impact

Growing more trees for Greater Manchester

Our stats are really important to us – they’re how we measure the impact we’re making for Greater Manchester in a tangible way as we plant millions of trees for the region.

We share our stats with global platforms like Restor to demonstrate how trees planted in Greater Manchester contribute to global action, as well as sharing with partners such as Greater Manchester Combined Authority to keep track of the region’s progress against the Five-Year Environment Plan.

Our impact totaliser

We update this quarterly and dates back to the start of City of Trees. You’ll see more trees added following the end of tree planting season each spring.


All Our Trees

All Our Trees is the tree and woodland strategy for Greater Manchester. Created by City of Trees, it underpins the way in which we plant and manage our trees and direct us to where new tree planting will provide the most benefits.


Volunteer Citizen Foresters


Orchards created


Street trees planted


Metres of hedgerow created


Mini Citizen Foresters

Mapping our impact

We love maps! The below shows where we’ve created new woodlands and planted standard (larger) trees in Greater Manchester since 2020, as part of the Northern Forest’s Grow Back Greener and Trees for Climate programmes. We’re excited to see the map grow over time as we add more sites, following each planting season, as well as adding historically planted trees.