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Cookies policy

Why we use cookies

Our website uses cookies to help provide you with the best experience we can. This page explains exactly why we use cookies, what information we collect and how to reject or delete those cookies.

Our cookie policy allows us to use cookies to help us make our website work more efficiently for you. Cookies can help you to better navigate our site and perform certain functions such as adding comments, sharing pages on social networks and so on.

Cookies help us to improve the speed and security of the site and enable us to continuously improve your user experience.

We don’t use cookies to collect personally identifiable and sensitive information without your express permission. Where we do collect such information, for example via our contact us forms, we won’t share it with a third party without your express permission.

Strictly Necessary Cookies

This cookie is used to remember your cookie preferences across the site.

Cookie nameSourceDescriptionDuration saves the Civic banner status.90 days


Performance cookies 

These cookies are set by Google Analytics (GA4) and they provide information about how visitors use our website. They do not contain personally identifiable information and we use them internally for trend analysis purposes only.

Cookie nameSourceDescriptionDuration to distinguish users2 years
_ga_< to persist session state2 years