Stevenson Square, Manchester

We gave Stevenson Square in Manchester a green makeover with 11 new street trees and a green roof.

Stevenson Square is situated in Manchester’s vibrant and creative Northern Quarter, and was in need of some greenery to combat the grey.

We teamed up with Manchester City Council and CityCo along with local businesses and residents to plant eleven Gingko biloba trees, with newly resurfaced permeable pavements made from recycled tyres.

We also added a green roof along a disused toilet block with new plants, flowers and shrubs and to add colour and greenery to the square.

The Stevenson Square green makeover was a partnership between us, CityCo, Manchester City Council, and city centre greening group A New Leaf.

The project was also funded by Experian, A Shade Greener, KBI, Philip J Davies Holdings PLC, Argent Group PLC, Reason Digital, Soup Kitchen, Ombler Iwanowski and Tariff Street. It was also supported by a public crowdfunding campaign.