RHS Tatton Flower Show

We worked with partner Bruntwood to create an installation for RHS Tatton Flower Show 2016, as well as hosting a range of special activities and talks.

The City of Trees team created installation Amongst the Trees, which consisted of 40 high impact, Field Maple trees as well as one large, signature tree Golden Rain in the centre. The idea was that visitors to the show could contemplate amongst the foliage, reaping the benefits of trees such as shade on a sunny day.

Michael Oglesby, co-founder of City of Trees and founder of the Bruntwood group of companies, sponsors of RHS Tatton Flower Show, said: “To reconnect with nature is important and the benefits of trees are manifold. They capture carbon, provide us with great aesthetic value and enhance biodiversity. We are delighted that City of Trees was part of RHS Tatton”.

Alongside the tree installation the City of Trees team delivered special activities and talks held in the Bruntwood garden including guerrilla gardening and natural dyeing, using pre-prepared dyes made from the environment such as blackberries, nettles and bark.

In addition we gave away 2,000 trees to visitors – swapping them for a story, as part of our work with The Woodland Trust on their tree charter initiative.