Programme of planting and activity in Rochdale schools

9 August 2017

Market-leading developer Property Alliance Group supported a nature-based programme of activity across schools in Rochdale, helping to plant more than 400 new trees.

Working alongside environmental charity City of Trees, the Group supported activities at 17 schools in Rochdale, engaging 773 children, and including both classroom-based sessions and tree planting on school grounds. 

Founded by CEO David Russell, Trafford-based Property Alliance Group’s extensive portfolio is centred around Manchester and the North West but has a presence in many other towns and cities throughout the UK. The Group was pleased to back the City of Trees schools programme in Rochdale as David was born and raised in the town, and attended Kirkholt School.

David Russell commented: “Having grown up in Kirkholt, I’m really proud to be giving something back to the community I grew up in.

“As a group we try to focus on supporting initiatives that encourage and support children through learning, play and experiences. City of Trees is a great example of this and a very important initiative for Greater Manchester as it will create a visible and healthy legacy for our children and future generations. “We’re delighted to have played a part in teaching children about the importance of nature and provided the opportunity to plant new trees that the children will be able to enjoy during their lifetime.”

Property Alliance Group is a key partner in the movement and supports the vision of greening Greater Manchester. David Russell added: “Greater Manchester must be greener. We should all take pride in the place we live and work to improve the quality of the environment for all. You can plant a tree and 150 years from now someone will walk past and say – who planted that? – that’s your legacy. As a developer I believe that we will reap the rewards of this at least ten times over.”

The Rochdale programme resulted in 438 trees being planted in six of the schools and the creation of outdoor areas. City of Trees also held sessions at Touchstones museum in Rochdale around tree ID and folklore. Linked to the curriculum, the sessions were aimed at boosting children’s creativity and developing literacy skills. Schools workshops were also held using dendrology (the study of tree rings) to research the local history of an area, with activities taking place at Hollingworth Lake in Rochdale.

Beth Kelsall from City of Trees, commented: “This fantastic initiative helped to connect children with the nature right on their doorstep, giving them unique hands-on learning experiences. We are hugely grateful for the support of Property Alliance Group as without their commitment this wouldn’t have been possible. Sessions such as these are especially important in today’s technology-focussed world and demonstrate to children the value of our trees, woods and wildlife.”