Forage and Feast November

This month Dave Winnard has three mushroom species for you to forage for; two edible mushrooms and one to avoid - which seems to be having a very good year. Happy hunting.

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BLOG: Perfect Pollinators

This Greater Manchester Tree Month we kick off Week 1 with ‘trees and bees’ – celebrating our amazing pollinators, the role they play and how crucial trees and woods are for them to survive.

In this blog Dave Winnard from Discover the Wild looks at some of our pollinating species and top trees.

Greater Manchester Tree Month Launches on 1st November

23 October 2020

Led by City of Trees the aim is to celebrate the region’s treasure trove of trees and woodlands and encourage people to learn more about their amazing benefits.

“Flood busting” leaky dams installed on Crompton Moor in Oldham

16 October 2020

Innovative flood risk management techniques have taken another step forward on Crompton Moor in Oldham with the installation of five “leaky dams”. In a project funded by the Environment Agency and the EU LIFE IP Natural Course programme and delivered by City of Trees in partnership with Oldham Council, The Unity Partnership (LLFA) and the Friends of Crompton Moor, the dams form just one part of the mosaic of measures being trialled on site to test how nature based solutions can reduce risk of flooding.

BLOG: Seed Gathering Season

7th October 2020

Seed gathering season runs between the 22nd September, the official start of autumn, and 22nd October. It has been organised by the Tree Council since 1998 and aims to provide trees for the future by gathering and planting seeds today.

BLOG: Forage & Feast October

5th October 2020

This month’s blog in partnership with Dave Winnard from Discover the Wild looks at October's harvest including rose hips, Bullace and Wood Hedgehog fungi.

BLOG: Trees for Learning

24 September 2020

Ahead of a call for schools to get in touch about tree planting on their land, Trianna one of the Delivery Officers involved in the project, shares her experiences.