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Super Zain’s Berghaus Campaign!

September 14, 2022

It’s been such an exciting couple of weeks. You might have spotted one of our lovely team members all over the Berghaus website and socials – it’s our Zain!

At City of Trees, we are so excited to collaborate with the brilliant Berghaus to shout about the work  we do in Greater Manchester, as part of  their ‘Real Action Heroes’ campaign. It was wonderful to be represented by Zain and celebrate the amazing work he champions. We heard from Zain on what being involved in the campaign meant to him:

“My part in this campaign was to showcase the fantastic work City of Trees is doing across the ten districts within Greater Manchester.

“I wanted to highlight that we are a movement dedicated to planting trees for the unique and wonderful communities that we work with, as well as to be part of the UK’s contribution to the climate crisis.”

“I also wanted to outline that just connecting to your local greenspace or environmental group is a great starting point for understanding what nature has to offer. Even if you find that no one in your area is paying attention to this, start your own collective by reaching out to your friends and families! Spread the word by talking about nature within your neighbourhood and find like-minded people that want to help make a change locally. You could reach out to us here at City of Trees if you are in Greater Manchester as we would be more than happy to help out.

Helping manage your local greenspace can give you a real feeling of belonging and creates community spirit! Planting a flower, a tree or even managing a greenspace means so much to a variety of different creatures too. Wildflowers add colour and beauty to your space and if there are any resident bees in the area, you will have a honey-maker on your hands! A tree also gives you shade and cleans the air you breathe.

This campaign focused on sustainability which is something I strongly support. It’s great that Greater Manchester is concentrating on creating more green infrastructure and working on making more people aware of nature-based solutions! City of Trees is a movement and so volunteers and community groups play a massive part in our tree planting. This campaign provides us with a platform to talk about how the climate crisis affects us all across the UK. I can’t wait to see where it takes us!

Berghaus not only makes decent gear for us tree planters (and non-planters!), I also love that they focus on inclusive representation, giving a platform to people from the global majority on the issues and barriers that we face in the outdoors within the UK!

It’s great for us to be involved as we have similar objectives to encourage people to take action within the climate crisis. We want people to take small steps, why not plant a baby tree with us! Trust me you’ll want to plant more once you feel that sense of achievement from planting your first tree.”