Forage and Feast November

This month Dave Winnard has three mushroom species for you to forage for; two edible mushrooms and one to avoid - which seems to be having a very good year. Happy hunting.

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Greater Manchester to benefit from a national £12.1million Trees for Climate plan creating 500hectares of new woodland by 2021

7 December 2020

In the next five months, City of Trees, will be one of the ten England’s Community Forests across the country planting trees, in a push to help deliver the English portion of the government’s commitment to increase tree planting to 30,000hectares per year, across the UK, by 2025..

Greater Manchester Tree Month: Thank You

We are thrilled with the wonderful response we’ve had from the community in Greater Manchester to our very first #GMTreeMonth campaign which ran across November.

BLOG: Forage & Feast December

1st December 2020

This month’s blog, in partnership with Dave Winnard from Discover the Wild, discusses what to look for during December, including Fly Agaric, Jelly Ear and Scarlet Elf Cup.

BLOG: Top 10 Garden Trees

23 November 2020

Our fourth and final week of Greater Manchester Tree Month is all about trees - celebrating what they do for us and how we can give something back. One of the things you can do is plant a tree and we've put together a list of the top 10 trees you can plant in your garden.

BLOG: It’s Tree Time!

23 November 2020

So far during Greater Manchester Tree Month we have discovered the wonderful things trees do for us. In the final week of the campaign, we would like to ask you - what can you do for our trees?

BLOG: Awesome Urban Parks

18 November 2020

We're thrilled to team up Rhiane from Black Girls Hike who highlights some of Greater Manchester's best urban parks, part of #GMTreeMonth.