BLOG: Grow your school with us

24 September 2020

Ahead of a call for schools to get in touch about tree planting on their land, Trianna one of the Delivery Officers involved in the project, shares her experiences.

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Stay Connected: Our Dementia Walks newsletter

18 May 2020

Our dementia friendly walks in Bolton with the Woodland Trust are currently on hold due to Covid19. To help people stay connected we have created a newsletter for the members of our walking group, which is also available for anyone who is living with dementia and their friends and families. 

Groundbreaking ‘greenprint’ launched for Greater Manchester

12 May 2020

All Our Trees is Greater Manchester’s tree and woodland strategy and quantifies the incredible value of the city region’s 11.3 million trees - demonstrating why we should protect them, and outlines where to plant more trees.

BLOG: Forage & Feast: May

4 May 2020

In the second of our ‘Forage and Feast’ blogs in partnership with Dave Winnard from Discover the Wild we look at three species: Common Nettle, Japanese Rose and Ground Elder.

BLOG: Celebrating our ancient trees

1 May 2020

At City of Trees we are not only passionate about planting more trees but protecting and preserving the ones we have. Throughout the year we help to look after woodlands by ensuring the trees have enough light and room to grow as well as planting wildflowers and keeping paths and entranceways clear. This helps to boost the benefits for both people and wildlife.

Many of the woodlands in Greater Manchester are plantations and have been more recently planted however, in this blog we explore what it means when a tree or woodland is truly ancient!

Take on the #TwoPointSixChallenge this Sunday

23 April 2020

Take on any challenge or activity involving the numbers 2 or 6 this Sunday 26th April and raise money for City of Trees as part of a nationwide initiative to fundraise for charities.

Join in the City Nature Challenge

20 April 2020

The City Nature Challenge is back this year with a little twist! Between Friday 24th and Monday 27th April people are asked to record the everyday wildlife living right on our doorstep. Find out how to take part and join the global wildlife recording movement from the comfort of your own home.