Forage and Feast May

This month Dave has three more plants for you, after a strangely dry April - two edibles and one that should definitely be avoided.

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Salford gets 35 new street trees

Salford has welcomed 35 new street trees thanks to a dedicated fund created by Clear Channel UK.

Forage and Feast February

10th February 2022 

This month Dave Winnard has Wood Sorrel, Yellow Archangel and Spring Beauty for you to forage for!

Forage and Feast: January

January 18 2022

In January we are foraging for three flowering species. One species which many people throw out of their garden, one which determines whether you’ll be kissing or not (Covid rules apply!) and something non-edible which is still a delightful find at this time of year.

Forage and Feast: December

This month if you are in the garden or out and about during the holiday season, then here are three plants for you to look for. Alexander's, Greater Plantain and Sea beet.

Forage and Feast November

This month Dave Winnard has three mushroom species for you to forage for; two edible mushrooms and one to avoid - which seems to be having a very good year. Happy hunting.

BLOG: Forage & Feast October

7 October 2021

This month I have a late plant, a weird fungus and a large mushroom for you to forage for. Find out where to look for Hen of the Woods, the parasol and the water pepper plant, below.