Urban Forestry Conference

A 3-day webinar series on 'Urban Forestry for a resilient future' in May can now be accessed on the EFUF YouTube channel. The 2-hour webinars were targeted at practitioners, researchers, policymakers and people eager to learn about the manifold opportunities urban forestry provides to make urban areas more resilient. This event was part of the European Forum on Urban Forestry Semester 2021, a decentralised networking programme which ran from March to May with many diverse events.

Manchester City of Trees, the European Forest Institute (EFI), the European Forum on Urban Forestry (EFUF) and the HORIZON 2020 CLEARING HOUSE project held a 3-day webinar series on 'Urban Forestry for a resilient future' in May.

As part of the webinar series, European Forum on Urban Forestry speakers discussed how projects can improve resilience through tree planting. Key insights from the Greater Manchester IGNITION project also explored how funding can be acquired for this key climate resilience tool.

The webinar series explores urban forests through three main themes.

  • Theme 1: ‘Keeping cities cool and reducing flood risk’ – How our urban forests help to provide resilience, and what we can do to make them more adaptable to climate change and urban expansion

  • Theme 2: ‘The air we breathe and the way we feel’ – The role of the urban forest in meeting our basic life needs and addressing the challenges of physical and mental health

  • Theme 3: ‘Trees and urban design’ – How trees and GI are integral to the development of our towns and cities in creating places where people want to live, work and play and how forest products can help to reduce our carbon footprint.

During these sessions, speakers from Europe and beyond highlighted factors that play a vital role in the sustainable transition of cities. They also discussed the importance of ecosystem services provided by urban green and key challenges like the impact of climate and environmental change on woodlands. 

The webinars can be accessed on the EFUF YouTube channel here.

‘Keeping cities cool and reducing flood risk’

Moderator: Pete Stringer (Resilience Manager, Manchester City of Trees)

 ‘The air we breathe and the way we feel’

Moderator: Nerys Jones (Strategic Greenspace Consultant)

 ‘Trees and urban design’

Moderator: Alan Simson (Professor Emeritus of Landscape Architecture and Urban Forestry at Leeds Beckett University)