United Utilities taps into community spirit

27 March 2017

Over 60 staff from United Utilities joined forces with The Friends of Prestwich Forest Park and key organisations for a spring day of action.

The volunteers helped to give the Prestwich Clough area a new lease of life, weeding flower beds, clearing footpaths and cutting back vegetation.

The team from United Utilities, based at Lingley Mere in Warrington, were led by Jo Harrison, Asset Management Director.

United Utilities have been working with partners including the Environment Agency and City of Trees to look at how localised flooding and water quality can be improved in and around the Clough using green infrastructure.

Jonathan Culf, Regulatory Manager at United Utilities said “All of staff from the Asset Management Directorate were happy to volunteer their time to work with the organisations involved in protecting and improving Prestwich Clough. Hopefully our efforts will contribute towards making a really positive change to the environment in that area.”

As well as the work in the Clough, there are plans to deliver a tree planting scheme on Prestwich High Street, part of a major £2 million regeneration scheme to improve the high street environment in Prestwich Village.

It is hoped that up to 30 street trees will be planted along the main street. Connected to the engineered drainage system, the aim is the trees will slow the amount of water going into the sewer and reduce the risk of surface water flooding.

The trees will also help to clean polluted water as well as creating a quality environment for shoppers, benefitting local business and attracting further investment.

These projects are in partnership with United Utilities, City of Trees, the Environment Agency, Muse Developments and Bury Metropolitan Borough council and form part of the European Union LIFE-IP Natural Course project.

The spring day of action was a chance for United Utilities to help make the Clough a more inviting place to visit, giving something back to the community.

Pete Stringer, City of Trees comments “It was great to work with United Utilities who really got their hands dirty to improve this area for the benefit of local people”. “City of Trees is all about bringing organisations, individuals and companies together to make Greater Manchester a healthier, happier place for all”.

The day was also supported by The Greater Manchester Ecology Unit, and Mersey Basin Rivers Trust.