Pupils from Wellacre Academy Work Hard to Improve Their Local Park

As part of the Wellacre Community Access Scheme project, City of Trees have held a series of outdoor learning sessions with Year 9 Pupils from Wellacre Academy.

City of Trees secured funding for these events from Veolia Environmental Trust and Trafford Council as part of our commitment to the Trafford Countryside Management Programme.

Pupils learnt about the ecology of an area of the park known as Green Hill. This area was once a claypit, before it was used to tip flyash from the nearby power station. Soil imported from the Peak District transformed it into a grassland. Today, Green Hill is a mosaic of habitats made up of grassland, scrubland, and woodland.

During the sessions, students learnt about primary and secondary ecological succession and the influence that management works can have on this process. Pupils also explored the traits and features of vegetation found in the different stages of succession.


"The boys have really benefited today in terms of their future Science education, being able to see some of the beautiful habitats we have on our own doorstep and a 'sense of community' by being able to give something back to their local area" 

Mr Toogood, Head of Science, Wellacre.