Lou's Green Recovery Challenge Fund

As the first round of our Green Recovery Challenge Fund project draws to a close, Lou our Assistant Project Officer reflects on what it's been liking working on the project.

Hi! I’m Lou, I’m an Assistant Project Officer at City of Trees and I have been working on the Green Recovery Challenge Project since May 2021. As my time on the project draws to an end I’ve been looking back on some of the great experiences I’ve had working on The Green Recovery Challenge project in both Trafford and Bury.

I had the opportunity to learn new skills when we had a coppicing day at Waterdale Meadow. The session was run by Twiggy who manages the hazel coppice. There was a real knack to using the billhook and Twiggy definitely made it look easier than it was! By the end of the day the paths were much clearer, and we had gathered lots of hazel to be made into sustainable products. We also created dead hedges with the brash which make great habitats for inverts and small mammals.

Our bird and bat box building events were always popular, and I had the chance to perfect my carpentry skills.

We’ve also held woodland maintenance events at many of our sites across Trafford and Bury, they were always a big hit with volunteers. By controlling invasive non-native species, such as Himalayan Balsam, and thinning out overcrowded trees, we are keeping our woodlands in good condition which is important for wildlife and biodiversity. We also carried out ride management and path clearance which keep our woodlands accessible to the public so that they can be explored and enjoyed.

I’ve met lots of different people, of all ages and backgrounds, who have volunteered with us. I think our youngest volunteer was two years old and they came with their mum to plant some wildflowers in Philips Park. It’s great to see so many people getting stuck in, enjoying being out in nature and taking in an interest in the protection of their local greenspace! I’ve had an amazing time working with every single volunteer that has come along to our Green Recovery events – thank you for lending a hand.