BLOG: Creatives for Change

5th February 2021

Creatives for Change, a Greater Manchester design collective have raised an incredible £1403.45 for City of Trees through the sales of their stunning climate change prints.

Creatives for Change are a new Manchester design collective set up in 2020 by Creative Concern with the aim of using creative skills as a force for good. Each year the collective will choose a theme to support their charity. This year creatives from across the region submitted artwork around the theme of ‘climate crisis’, resulting in a diverse range of work.

The money raised by the collective City of Trees will help us plant up to 140 trees in the Greater Manchester region. The creatives also took an innovative print-on-demand approach to selling the work meaning that only the exact number of prints were produced which reduces the waste and water consumption linked to printing.

Clare Dickinson, Business Manager for Creative Concern explains:

“The Creatives for Change collective was born out of a desire to join forces with other creatives and together use our skills for good. By addressing some of the biggest challenges our society faces, we can make a difference in our own small way, whilst at the same time raising money for charity.

This year we tackle the climate crisis and it’s been incredible to see so many great agencies, designers and illustrators join forces with us and respond with such enthusiasm. The result was a series of prints that were then sold to raise money for local charity City of Trees. We’re really pleased to have been able to support such an amazing charity who are doing their bit to combat the climate crisis in our little corner of the world.”

She continues:

“With our own artwork, we wanted to create something that was positive and solution focused, and  'Back to Nature’ does just that. It’s about breaking free of old habits, challenging the way we live and looking to nature for the answer. The bird escaping the cage sums up the message perfectly, but I must admit we had a lot of fun with the detail on this one, if you look a little closer into the cage you’ll spot all kinds of delightful additions – the cat in a viking hat being a favourite of mine. Because, why not?!” 

As well as Creative Concern, other individual designers and design agencies submitted their own artwork to sell for charity. The full range can be viewed here:

Studio Director of Carbon Creative, Kate Hadfield said:

 “City of Trees has been a key partner in helping us grow our tree planting scheme over many years. So far, we have over 17,000 trees planted across Greater Manchester in dedication to our clients and local communities. We jumped at the chance to be part of ‘Creatives for Change’, having the opportunity to use our creative skills and help not only raise awareness of the climate crisis we all live in, but also for this amazing local charity, City of Trees.”

 “‘Plants trees, eats plants’ is a declaration to identify with, a statement of actions to aspire to and a definition of a human species that is doing what it can to avert climate catastrophe. We wanted to create a poster that has a positive, action-oriented message. Something that people would be happy and proud to have in their homes. To make it feel human and natural, the type is hand painted over a roughly printed background.”

The collection was particularly popular resulting in a second printing run in the New Year which is a testament to the talent and passion of the designers involved.

To find out more about this talented collective, check out the Creatives For Change website