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Spade resting on a bucket with whips (small trees) in

Environmental Offsetting

Why we’re different

At City of Trees, we do things differently. We want to help you achieve your ESG goals at a local level.

We can work together to help reduce your organisation’s impact on the environment and provide an opportunity to give back to nature through voluntary carbon offsetting and linking you to projects which boost biodiversity and community engagement.

Our work goes much further than trees in the ground. You can be sure that the woodland you have funded will have a detailed maintenance plan for up to 15 years  – meaning that the trees you’ve planted have the best chance of reaching full maturity. 

We take a place-based approach, planting trees and transforming green spaces where people live, work and unwind. Therefore it is guaranteed that your investment is going towards benefiting local communities.  We can also offer you the opportunity to get out in the field and experience tree planting for yourself – for many of you, right on your doorstep.

Take action

Looking to kick start your environmental impact as a business? Our team is on hand to help.

Meaningful impact, locally

A partnership with City of Trees will enable businesses to have a meaningful positive impact on the environment at a local level. Our tree planting schemes help sequester carbon, boost biodiversity, reduce instances of flooding and provide much-needed green spaces for the people of Greater Manchester.

We can work with you to identify projects which align with your organisation’s ESG goals and will help to deliver real change across the region.

Member of staff walking through field with trees

Discover our impact

To dive deeper into the impact that your donations could have across our region, check out our impact here.

Explore our impact