Lauren Urquhart

Project Officer

Lauren joined the City of Trees team in October 2021 as a Project Officer.  Funded by Year 2 of the Green Recovery Challenge, Lauren works upon the ‘Resilient River Valleys’ project to deliver nature-based solutions to climate change in the river valley areas of Greater Manchester, whilst connecting people back with their local green and blue spaces.

Lauren studied Geography (BSc) at Durham University and worked in environmental regulation before joining the team. She has a keen interest in issues of climate justice and in her spare time volunteers with youth groups educating others on these issues. Lauren enjoys seeing the wellbeing benefits working in nature can have on individuals.

Her favourite tree is the Rowan tree due to its ability to grow in the harshest mountain conditions and its rich history in myths and folklore. The Rowan tree has its own origin story in Greek mythology, sprouting from a wounded eagle sent to help the goddess Hebe retrieve a sacred chalice, explaining the feather like appearance of its leaves.