Emily Crutwell

Digital Communications and Fundraising Officer

Emily joined City of Trees in November 2022 as our Digital Communications and Fundraising Officer, holding a BA in Geography from Northumbria University and an Msc focused on sustainability and business. During her studies, Emily developed a keen interest in climate change communications, particularly focused on how we engage audiences in localised action & engagement projects.

Before joining us Emily worked as a Sustainable Impact Officer implementing business strategies to increase social & environmental impact. As part of this role Emily led in the creation & delivery of a Carbon Literacy training – educating organisations on how best to communicate issues surround climate change with varying audiences. She was also the social media manager for an NGO focused on increasing diversity in climate action globally. 

As a proud Geordie, Emily loves spending time in nature on the North East coast, regularly braving it's beautiful beaches. Her favourite tree is the Hawthorn as it holds fond memories of her childhood & its blossom signify springtime and warmer & lighter days to come.