Abbie Saul

Woodland Creation Officer 

Abbie joined the City of Trees team in August 2022 as an Assistant Project Officer.

Having studied an MSc in Wildlife Conservation at the University of Salford, Abbie’s interests include wildlife law, GIS and the exploration of nature-based solutions to combat climate change and improve ecosystem services. Her previous research focused on delimiting the role of rivers on areas of endemism for neotropical primates.

Abbie really enjoys connecting with people and is passionate about improving the wellbeing of individuals through nature and green social prescribing.

Abbie loves cooking, all kinds of sports and exploring the outdoors. Her favourite tree is an oak as she loves how big they look in the landscape. She particularly loves ancient oaks because how wide and contorted their trunks are and the how across their lifespan they can become ecosystems within their own right, supporting more species than any other tree.