Go Wild free family activities
IGNITION Project Information Factsheets

This collection of factsheets about Nature-based solutions from our project partners at IGNITION defines and outlines the ways in which nature can help to solve problems like flooding and overheating in Greater Manchester. Nature-based solutions provide solutions to the climate changes we will experience here as well as growing the local economy, making people healthier and giving wildlife somewhere to thrive.

All Our Trees: Greater Manchester's Tree & Woodland Strategy

All Our Trees is the tree and woodland strategy for Greater Manchester. This document will collectively guide us to improve the way in which we plant and manage our trees and direct us to where new tree planting will provide the most benefits for generations to come.


You can watch the webinar launch of the strategy on our YouTube channel.

Woodland Wildlife Toolkit

A handy new digital platform that shows the wildlife likely to be in or near a wood, aimed at woodland owners and managers.


'How to...' Guides

Our series of ‘How to…’ guides will hopefully inspire you to not only get planting new trees but help preserve our existing ones as well as supporting wildlife.

Information guides

Useful information guides including 'Ashdieback' and our guide to seed sowing and growing.

Planting guides

Planting guides including 'How to plant a fruit tree'; 'Garden and urban trees'; 'How to create a farm woodland'; and 'A guide to planting street trees'.

For orchards

Useful information for orchards including 'How to plant a fruit tree' and a guide to apple day - inspiring you to celebrate Apple Day in your community orchard.

Forage and Feast

Our recipe guides show you how to create fantastic foraged feasts out of naturally-found ingredients. Includes rowan, blackthorn, blackberry, elderflower and Japanese rose.