Policy and influence

Working at both a local and national level, we aim to persuade policy makers that trees and woods should feature higher on the political agenda and policies should provide greater opportunity for planting as well as the protection and preservation of our woodlands. 


City of Trees is the Greater Manchester part of the new Northern Forest, with over 50 million trees to be planted stretching from Liverpool to Hull.

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We are building relationships to unlock strategic support for both trees and woods across Greater Manchester and have the strong support of Andy Burnham, Mayor.

We are part of a number of strategic groups including the Low Carbon Hub, Natural Capital Group and Urban Pioneer, Catchment partnerships, GM Wetlands partnership, Greater Sport Activity Network and Natural Course.

We also co-ordinate the Greater Manchester Forests Partnership - a partnership of 10 local authorities and DEFRA to discuss and plan at a strategic level the development of trees and woodlands across the City region.

Delivering key agendas…

As well as delivering a wide number of community projects on the ground we also strive to ensure our work meets the key priorities of the region including air quality; health and wellbeing; flooding; climate change and resilience; low carbon; sustainable travel and skills and employment.