Urban trees breathe life into Salford street

17 May 2017

15 semi-mature trees have been planted along Eccles New Road in Salford as part of City of Trees’ ambition to plant 3 million trees across the region.

The trees have been planted along on the busy Eccles New Road, a main thoroughfare into both Manchester and Salford centres, via the M602, as well as being a key route into MediaCityUK.

The sweetgum trees have been planted across both sides of the road, creating an avenue effect, and have improved 625 metres of path – equating to over a third of a mile.

The trees, also known as liquidambar, have amazing autumn colour, and have been planted as part of City of Trees and improve the quality of the environment across Greater Manchester.

The ambitious movement aims to plant 3 million trees – one for every man, woman and child in Greater Manchester, over the next generation.

Through their Green Streets planting programme City of Trees aims to green grey streets and transform the look and feel of the urban environment, making the places that people live and work more attractive.

Kevin Wigley, City of Trees comments “As well as planting thousands of trees and creating new community woodlands we also want to improve the look and feel of our urban areas.”

He adds; “Trees deliver a huge range of benefits from tackling air pollution and combatting climate change to providing a home for wildlife. We believe they are essential to the future of our cities and towns”.

The City of Trees team are leading the way on street tree planting in Greater Manchester using sustainable innovative planting techniques to deliver high quality projects that maximise the tree’s long term health and vitality.

The team behind the movement has retrofitted nearly 5,000 street trees across Greater Manchester since 2001 through their Green Streets programme.

High impact trees have been planted in key locations such as Chepstow Street, Tariff Street, Whitworth Street West, Albert Square, Stevenson Square, and Princess Street in Manchester City Centre as well as St. Petersgate in Stockport town centre, part of the towns £1billion regeneration programme.

Kevin Wigley, City of Trees, comments “We are thrilled with the new trees which have helped bring greenery and improved biodiversity to the urban environment as well as creating a pedestrian friendly tree line route”.