City Re-Leaf

City Re-Leaf is our programme to green up grey streets and deliver high quality, sustainable urban tree planting schemes. Working together we want to to bring more street tree planting to Manchester city centre.


Plant a tree: Reap the rewards

The scope for creating large green spaces in our urban centres are limited so planting trees presents the perfect opportunity to green up our towns and cities.

Street trees play a vital role in improving resilience to climate change. They help to manage surface water flooding, reduce the urban heat island effect and in the right place can improve air quality as well as producing oxygen. In addition they provide a range of other benefits including; creating better places for walking and cycling, establishing a home for wildlife, creating a barrier to noise and improving the look and feel of an area, which can give a boost to the local economy.

Using innovative techniques, all our tree planting schemes are done to a high standard. Each planting scheme is like a mini engineering project that will incorporate a range of supporting infrastructure to ensure sustainable and healthy tree growth.


Help Re-Leaf the City today

Are you a developer, building professional or landscape architect? We can help you deliver high quality urban tree planting schemes. Whether you need to plant trees as part of a planning condition or want to add greenery to your development we can offer support from initial consultation through to full project management and delivery – from A to Tree!

If you want to support urban greening more generally, we are often looking for funding to enable schemes to take place.

Download the document below to find out more about how you can green up Manchester's streets.