About City of Trees

City of Trees is delivering a green recovery and tackling the climate emergency head on, through planting trees and restoring woodlands for the people and wildlife of Greater Manchester. Working with communities, organisations, and businesses to build an ambitious movement, dedicated to planting a tree for every citizen within just five years.

Our goals

  • Plant 3 million trees, one for every person across Greater Manchester, within 5 years
  • Restore our greenspaces and woodlands for the benefit of both communities and wildlife
  • Inspire a passion for trees and woods

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You can find out about our projects under City of Trees in action.

Explore the amazing benefits of trees.

Learn about history of the movement on our timeline.

The City of Trees movement has been instigated by The Oglesby Charitable Trust and Community Forest Trust, the charitable organisation that supports the delivery of the City of Trees movement. CFT is a non-profit making company limited by guarantee. Registered in England no. 3598556. Charity registration 1072706.​