Don't forget to water your trees...

4 July 2018

Whether it's a street tree outside your house or place of work, or trees recently planted as part of a woodland or schools project - we're calling on you to give trees some much needed hydration during this dry period.

Top tips for watering all trees...

  • Water 2 - 3 times per week in hot, dry weather
  • Use ‘grey’ water if possible – washing up water, bath water etc
  • Be aware of any hosepipe bans in place
  • Put a full bucket or watering can on at a time quite slowly to make sure it sinks in to the soil
  • Pour the water at the base of the tree

If you can - please also...

  • Remove any weeds as these will compete with the tree for water
  • Lightly dig over the top two inches / 5cm of soil as this will allow the water to drain more easily down to the tree’s roots
  • Water at the beginning or the end of the day when the sun is not up as this will help to stop the water evaporating

Remember - watering cans and buckets can be heavy – so be careful!

Especially for street trees...

  • Talk to your neighbours to make sure each tree is being watered!