David's story

22 November 2016

David, 50, a supporter of City of Trees, talks about why he believes trees are an essential part of the future of our urban landscape, and help breathe life into our towns and cities.

Now living in Kansas, USA, but originally from the UK, David has been interested in trees for as long as he can remember.

“The event that made me realize the importance of trees was the Great Storm of 1987 that devastated many mature trees in my home town of Southend-On-Sea in Essex. I remember walking back from a friend’s house the previous evening and stopping to admire a Scots Pine that was lost to the storm the following night.”

David is particularly interested in urban trees, and greening up our grey streets. He comments; “Even a small number of strategically placed street trees can make an enormous difference to the urban environment." He adds: “Apart from the aesthetic importance of trees, there are also many environmental benefits they bring to cities.”

David has been supporting City of Trees’ programme of street tree planting for a number of years. He explains; “I was visiting Manchester a number of years ago while attending the International Festival with my family.

“I took my young daughter for a walk around the city and saw the trees that had been planted on First Street. I contacted the organization when I returned to the States and have since supported tree planting projects in the Northern Quarter of Manchester City Centre.”

He adds “Although surrounded by beautiful countryside, central Manchester lacks a large central park or green space. Increasing the number of street trees will help to compensate for this and increase the greening of the city centre.”

David plans to continue his support, and hopes others will be inspired to support urban greening. “I travel abroad regularly and it is very noticeable that many British cities lack tree cover, particularly compared to other European urban areas. I firmly believe there is a correlation between the number of trees and quality of life.”

He adds “I would strongly encourage everyone to support tree-planting”.

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