Community dig deep to realise fruits of their labour

12 December 2016

Parr Fold Park is now home to Salford’s sixth community orchard, with local residents coming together to create a fruitful forest for the future.

Helped by leading environmental charity City of Trees, the Friends of Parr Fold Park, alongside pupils from Walkden High School, have been working hard to create a community orchard, complete with 10 fruit trees – a mix of apple, pear, plum and cherry.

The project is part of a wider initiative to create a number of orchards across Salford, encouraging local people to get out and about in the great outdoors, as well as encourage healthy eating.

As well as the new orchard, Parr Fold Park, in the Walkden area of Salford, also benefitted from 60 new sapling trees, such as hawthorn, elder and blackthorn, which were planted around the edge of the park to create a green border, and encourage wildlife to thrive.

Parr Fold Park is the sixth community orchard created by City of Trees in Salford, with the others taking root at Lightbourne Green in Swinton, Irlam Fire Station, Ordsall Allotments, Albert Park in Broughton and the Kenyon Lane Estate in Little Hulton, supported by funding from Salford Health Improvement Service.

As well as the new orchard being planted, in the New Year members of the Friends group will be invited along to a fruit pruning workshop to find out how to look after the trees, ensuring the local community can harvest the fruit for generations to come.

Kevin Wigley from City of Trees comments “Urban orchards have played an important role in our communities for hundreds of years, providing a space for gatherings and celebration as well as fresh fruit and nuts”.

He adds; “They are fantastic places for people to come together as a focal point for community activities as well as making our cities and neighbourhoods more pleasant places to live.”

Diane Walker from Friends of Parr Fold Park, comments “We are delighted to work alongside City of Trees to create a community orchard for our park. It will provide a harvest for visitors in years to come, and the saplings will create an ideal habitat and food for our birds.

We will also be able to learn how to look after the trees at the fruit pruning workshop in the New Year! Thank you, City of Trees."