Celebrating the achievements of Red Rose Forest

2 June 2016

Building on the successes of Red Rose Forest, we are excited and proud to announce the arrival of City of Trees. - watch our video to find out more. 

Red Rose Forest launched in 1992, with the ambition to transform the landscape of Greater Manchester through the planting of trees, and the creation, and management of woodlands.

Since then, incredible changes have happened, which have transformed the look and feel of where we live and work, and improved the lives of millions of people.

Thanks to the Red Rose Forest partnership, trees and woodlands are now part of daily life for many of us – whether its new trees planted in our cities and towns, events and volunteering opportunities that have inspired a love of trees in our children and young people, or the planting of new woodlands where wildlife can once again thrive.

Many people have got involved with making Red Rose Forest the success that it has been. But now, we want to go further, and creative a movement that everyone can become part of, and make their own.

Welcome to City of Trees. Watch the video below to find out more.