BLOG: Welcome to the wonderful world of seed sowing and growing!

24 September 2018

Download our free seed gathering resource and get out and about in Greater Manchester's woodlands to see how many seeds you can find - and sow!

What and when is it?

Since 1998 The Tree Council has been organising Seed Gathering Season, the autumn campaign to inspire everyone to gather seeds, fruits and nuts – and then watch them grow!

The festival starts each year on the 23 September (the autumn equinox, considered to be the first day of autumn) and continues until the 23 October.

Why gather seeds?

By collecting seeds such as acorns, beech nuts and conkers from healthy trees and then planting them when the time is right you can help to ensure that we are growing the new trees of the future.

This is especially important in terms of pests and diseases as trees that have adapted to the local conditions are likely to be the healthiest – so you can ensure that strong saplings are being sown!

Seed gathering and growing is also a fantastic way to engage children in nature – and showing them the amazing lifecycle of a tree!

We've created an extensive resource showing you what different types of seeds there are, top tips for seed sowing and growing and planting your trees - which you can download below.  

Don’t forget to tell us what you’re doing and share your seed to sapling journey with us! Find us on facebook, Instagram and twitter /cityoftreesmcr and use the tag #autumnwatchmcr