BLOG: Go Green in 2020

4 February 2020

Throughout January we've been sharing ideas across our social media (/cityoftreesmcr) to hopefully inspire you to make some ‘green’ new year’s resolutions #greenresolution.

January can be a great time to set positive intentions for the year ahead, so why not make a New Years resolution for the planet in 2020?

We’ve also got some lovely desktop nature calendars to give away. Simply tag us in a picture of you taking on any #greenresolution for a chance to win!

Our resolutions - share yours with us /cityoftreesmcr

  • Make a hog a home – Create a cosy habitat and encourage hedgehogs to rest, hibernate and raise their hoglets in your garden

  • Brush up on your Tree ID - Check out the Woodland Trust’s free Tree ID app to identify the UK's native and non-native trees 

  • Go Wild in the woods this winter! Do some family-friendly outdoor activities come rain or shine
  • Build a bird feeder Attract birds into your garden whilst giving them much needed food in winter
  • Pick a park Go for a winter walk at one of Greater Manchester’s parks and green spaces
  • Create a hedgehog highway Ensuring these cute critters can pass freely through your garden is crucial to their survival
  • Look at land – Do you know any landowners or farmers who might be willing to plant trees? Get in touch
  • Create your own compost -This will naturally enrich your soil as well as providing a haven for minibeasts such as  worms and woodlice
  • Forage and Feast – See what tasty treats your local woodland has to offer
  • Go Green at work! Encourage your company to lend a hand to projects across Greater Manchester
  • Adopt a street tree – If you have a tree on your street ensure it’s cared for by weeding and watering
  • Establish a community orchard - Find out how you can create a fruitful forest on a local greenspace
  • Talk about trees - Spread the importance of our trees and woods – follow, like, share!
  • Donate Support our work planting trees and connecting communities
  • Share your snaps – We’d love to hear about your favourite trees and woods – tweet or tag us in your snaps /cityoftreesmcr
  • Let it grow! Leave your grass long for winter and let weeds flourish to help insects, butterflies and moths