City Re-Leaf

City of Trees has identified over 1,000 locations across Manchester and Salford city centres where high impact street trees could be planted.

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Street trees: A sustainable solution

The scope for creating large green spaces in the city centre are limited, however street trees offer the opportunity to breathe life into grey streets, turning them into gorgeous green backdrops.

Urban street trees have an instant impact; boosting the local economy and making places more attractive for businesses, residents and tourists.

They also help to combat climate change, improve our health and wellbeing, reduce surface water flooding and clean polluted water as well as tackle poor air quality.

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A city centre transformed

We have identified over 1,000 potential locations across the city centre as to where street trees could potentially be planted and ground-truthed these locations.

The actual location and number of trees will vary depending on a number of factors such as services in the ground, CCTV, pedestrian access etc.

We are hoping to planting the first trees as part of the initiative in 2018 and plan to re-leaf the city centre over the next 10 years. However to do so, we need the support of businesses, developers, companies and individuals. Find out how you can support us below.

A mini-civil engineering project

Planting a street tree on a hard surface is not like planting a young tree in a garden, park or field. Much more work is needed to give the tree a good chance of growing sustainably into a healthy, mature specimen and reaping the benefits.

For each tree planted we take into account the location of street signs, traffic lights, road junctions, CCTV, parking spaces and underground services as well as the requirements of pedestrians and wheelchair users.

We liaise with the local authorities’ tree unit, highways, traffic, and CCTV departments to agree tree species, locations and planting specifications.

In addition busy city centres require high specification tree planting with carefully crafted engineered tree pits. Special root cells are installed both to support tree growth and protect underground services and building foundations.

The root cells prevent soil compaction, and allow the movement of water and oxygen to help the tree thrive.

Benefitting both people and the environment

City of Trees will partner with key organisations across the city region who work with vulnerable people, training them up to learn new skills associated with tree care and unlock employment opportunities. 

We are also seeking support for a 'Future Fund' which will not only deliver long term tree-LC work in the city centre in the backdrop of a difficult financial climate, but also help maintain Greater Manchester's trees and woods for future generations - a true lasting legacy.

Help us re-leaf the city today

If you are a business, developer or company interested in getting involved in the initiative contact Tony Hothersall on 0161 872 1660 or email

If you are an individual wanting to support the project you can donate to support our work growing more trees for Greater Manchester.

City Re-Leaf is being developed in partnership with Manchester and Salford City Councils and many other City of Trees partners including Arup and Allied London.

View the map of potential locations.