Zainuldeen Muhammad

Assistant Development Officer

Zain joined the City of Trees Team in November 2020 after finishing his studies in MSc. Conservation Management at Edge Hill University.

Having also studied BSc. Hons Animal Behaviour/Wildlife Biology at Manchester Metropolitan University. Zain is particularly interested in specialist species, their resilience towards highly urbanised areas and the intricacies of natural processes.

As a postgraduate, Zain spent time as a placement student for the Lancashire Wildlife Trust at Brockholes Nature Reserve. He has volunteered for other organisations such as Better Century (social media platform for environmental awareness and climate change) and Plover Rovers (a marine charity that specialises in raising awareness of ‘Ocean Literacy’) in his spare time.

Zain’s favourite tree is the White Poplar, which has leaves that are green on the top side and are white and furry underneath. This tree has furry snowy white catkins which make it an eye-catching beauty during the summer. It also has medicinal uses and catkins that provide an early source of pollen and nectar for bees and other insects.