Trianna Angele

Project Officer

Trianna has been working with the City of Trees team since 2015, initially through the volunteer placement scheme before taking up a Project Officer role.

She currently supports the delivery of educational programmes including collaborating with schools in the creation of ‘The Northern Forest’, and the DEFRA-funded ‘Trees for Learning’ with primary schools across Greater Manchester. This role involves the planning and delivering of practical planting events and curriculum-based learning sessions for a wide variety of educational programmes including with Early Years, KS1 through to KS3 and SEN schools.

Trianna is involved in the implementation of Wellbeing events and Dementia friendly walks and activities within woodland landscapes. Her skills are in building key connections between local community networks, councils, landowners, and the trees in their own urban surroundings.

Trianna has career experience working as an Environmental Advisor for government agencies and as a Consultant Ecologist in the private sector. She has a BSc Wildlife Conservation (Hons) and MSc Animal Behaviour.

She believes the Maidenhair or Gingko Biloba tree is one of the most interesting trees on the planet. It is the true success among all trees; the species is known to be 270 million years old, surviving many different extinction periods throughout history. Resisting pests, diseases, and modern-day pollution making it an excellent ‘City Tree’.