Olive Summerfield

Woodland Creation Officer 

Olive started out as an Urban Forestry Assistant on the Kickstart programme in February 2022 before becoming an Assistant Project Officer in August 2022 and then Woodland Creation Officer in January 2023.

Olive's passion for the environment and being outdoors led her to study Ecology and the Environment (BSc), where she realised she wanted to play an active role in climate action. After finishing her undergraduate degree, Olive started studying Wildlife Filmmaking Production (MA) at University of Salford. Here Olive created films about some of Britain’s rarest wildlife and habitats, all with a strong focus on climate change.

Olive spends her free time volunteering with conservation charities, creating wildlife films and getting involved with climate activism. Her favourite tree is the White Willow as it takes her straight back to her childhood, climbing its branches over the river, before jumping in!