Give something back. Pledge to Plant. Every £10 helps plant a tree

We’re all leading busier lives.  Some of us may have to use a car sometimes and many of us still fly for business or leisure.  Our priority has to be to cut carbon, but where we can’t avoid it, soaking up carbon through natural solutions is a great solution too! 

You can help do your bit for creating a greener, Greater Manchester.  Through our Pledge to Plant scheme you can help to support tree planting that will help us tackle climate change, improve neighbourhoods and quality of life for people across Greater Manchester. 

City of Trees is planting trees in Greater Manchester and beyond, helping to contribute to the city region becoming carbon neutral by 2038.

Greater Manchester’s trees are currently ‘locking up’ over 1.5 million tonnes of carbon - 1,573,015 tonnes to be exact! And they continue to do this – sequestering up to 56,530 tonnes of carbon each year.

Want to work out your carbon footprint? You could try the following calculators:

However, trees do so much more than just locking up carbon – they help to clean our air and water, reduce flooding and green up our towns and cities.  We need more trees in Greater Manchester to help us cope with the changing climate.  Plus, it’s proven that having more trees makes us happier and healthier!  

Give something back. Pledge to Plant. Every £10 helps plant a tree.


* Each tree will capture approximately 135kg of carbon over a 30 year period, based on the types of woodland typically planted by City of Trees, in line with the Forestry Commissions’ carbon yield assessment for new broadleaf woodland

*This is not an official carbon offset and cannot be counted as such

* Money goes towards supporting the City of Trees movement, planting trees across Greater Manchester and beyond