Wythenshawe Woodland to be brought back to life

8 March 2016

Gorse Covert, to the west of Peel Hall Road in Wythenshawe, will be given a much needed makeover by Red Rose Forest after the proposed project won a public vote.

In September last year, leading housebuilder Stewart Milne Group launched its RUBY (Regenerating Urban Back Yards) campaign as part of its 40th anniversary celebrations to improve run-down community spaces across Scotland and north-west England.

Members of the public, special interest groups, charities and community councils were invited to nominate an outdoor space in need of improvement.

A total of three projects were shortlisted by the judges. In addition to Gorse Covert; regeneration of The Venue, a community centre project in Rudheath, Cheshire and the development of a community reading and nature area in Moulton, Cheshire.

Gorse Covert emerged as the winner of a public vote with the City of Trees team proposing to work with the local community to clean up the woodland, plant native wildflowers, install bird and bat boxes and introduce new plants attracting more wildlife.

Peter Stringer, special projects manager, City of Trees team comments; “Community spirit is strong in the area, and we plan to work with residents to help bring this wonderful woodland back to life.

Gorse Covert is adjacent St Elizabeth’s Primary School so local children will have the unique opportunity to learn about the wildlife right on their doorstep and benefit from this fantastic local natural resource.”

Paul Challinor, managing director of Stewart Milne Homes in North-west England, said: “We are thrilled to support the upgrading of the woodland at Wythenshawe as we know that community spaces like this can have a big impact on the lives of those in the local area. We look forward to working with City of Trees to help them realise their plans.”