Groundbreaking ‘greenprint’ launched for Greater Manchester

12 May 2020

All Our Trees is Greater Manchester’s tree and woodland strategy and quantifies the incredible value of the city region’s 11.3 million trees - demonstrating why we should protect them, and outlines where to plant more trees.

Produced by charity City of Trees and endorsed by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA), the strategy sets out clear objectives on how we can maximise the benefits of our trees and woods in relation to tackling carbon, air pollution and flooding.

In addition the strategy will be key in helping Greater Manchester to respond to the climate emergency that each of the 10 local authorities have declared

Bringing together a wealth of evidence gathered from the biggest i-Tree Eco survey outside the United States, the strategy makes the case for trees by showing how Greater Manchester’s 11.3 million trees provide around £33.3 million in benefits to the city region and the increased benefits from having even more.

Aimed at planners, developers, green space managers, policy makers and decision makers / leaders, ‘All Our Trees’ also brings together guidance and standards from across the sector.

It also maps where we should plant more trees in order to maximise benefits and help address specific issues, such as improving  air quality by schools.

All Our Trees sits alongside and supports other policies and plans including the Greater Manchester  5 Year Environment Plan, launched in March 2019. This plan sets out Greater Manchester’s long-term environmental vision – to be carbon neutral by 2038.

Cllr Andrew Western, Leader of Trafford Council and holder of the Green City Region Portfolio for Greater Manchester says: The value of our trees and woodlands is striking. They are doing amazing things for us - absorbing huge amounts of pollutants and helping to soak up the carbon emissions we need to radically cut in the next few years.

He adds; “The strategy will collectively guide us to get more from our trees – maximising the benefits for the city region and creating a truly greener, Greater Manchester”.

All Our Trees was produced by City of Trees on behalf of the Greater Manchester Forests Partnership and endorsed by the GMCA. It has been produced with support from a great number of partners.

Jess Thompson, Director at City of Trees comments; We can no longer see trees and woods as ‘nice to have’ – they are a crucial part of a vibrant, climate resilient and thriving city region.

She adds; “We all have a role to play – not just landowners and local authorities but businesses, schools, developers and social housing providers. We all need to work together to protect the trees that we have, and plant more for future generations.”

GreenBlue Urban supported the production of the document. CEO Dean Bowie commented; “We were thrilled to work alongside industry leading partners on All Our Trees which provides the tools and data for Greater Manchester to deliver best practice when it comes to tree planting and management of existing woods. At GreenBlue Urban we want to see high quality tree planting for increased canopy cover both now and for future generations.”

All Our Trees: Greater Manchester’s Tree and Woodland Strategy is available to download at