BLOG: Nature Art ideas

2 April 2020

Even though we are currently spending more time at home, you can still bring nature indoors with these arts and craft ideas! You can collect natural materials in your garden or when you’re out on a family walk/daily exercise to create these crafty creations!

Leaf rubbings

Collect lots of different shaped leaves and place them underneath a piece of paper. Use a crayon and rub over the paper to create a colourful leaf print. You could even get a piece of string and make these leaf rubbings into bunting to brighten up any room! Why not draw some flowers or insects to add to your bunting?


Carton bird feeder

Before throwing away your empty juice or milk carton - use it to create a fantastic feeder for our feathered friends!

Make sure you clean it thoroughly before decorating. Cut out both sides of the carton, but keep a steady base so the birds have somewhere to perch. Create a hole for hanging with some sturdy wire and pop it on a a tree. Why not use our bird bingo sheet and see which birds visit the feeder? You can even have a go at drawing the birds which visit.


Butterfly feeders

Spring is finally here and with the days getting longer and sunnier we’ll get to see lot of butterflies. To entice butterflies into your garden, make these simple butterfly feeders with leftover fruit.

Decorate paper plates and hand them flat in a sunny spot. Butterflies are attracted to bright colours so the more colours the better. Don’t forget to put mushy bananas, apples or oranges on your plate to attract them into your gardens.  

See which species visit your fruity offerings with our Butterfly Bingo game.


Hapa Zome

Hapa Zome is the Japanese art of beating leaves and flowers to release their natural dye.

All you need is some paper, kitchen roll and a rolling pin - plus a sold surface! Place flowers or the leaves on the paper and cover with the kitchen roll. Bash the rolling pin over the whole of the kitchen paper until the dye has imprinted on the paper (mind your fingers with this!). Try out different arrangements with lots of colours and you can draw more patterns with some pencils and crayons.

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