BLOG: Forage & Feast August

This month I have some berries to look for, a nice edible mushroom and one of our most deadly species to AVOID.

Pupils from Wellacre Academy Work Hard to Improve Their Local Park

As part of the Wellacre Community Access Scheme project, City of Trees have held a series of outdoor learning sessions with Year 9 Pupils from Wellacre Academy.

BLOG: Forage & Feast July

The calm before the storm… this month feels like the final dress rehearsal before the big show of berries, nuts and mushrooms are finally here. That is not to say there is not plenty to search for this month, such as species from previous articles, like Elder, japanese rose, linden flowers and Darwin’s barberry.

EPIC project announced to help shape the future of farming

ELM Partnership in the Irwell Catchment (EPIC), has recently been launched by local environmental charity Groundwork Greater Manchester as one of several DEFRA ‘ELM Tests and Trial’ projects across the country.

BLOG: Forage & Feast June

I am in a great mood at the moment, maybe it is that the sun has finally been shining or maybe its the fact that I’m getting married in a few days, who knows! To celebrate, I have three plants for you this month. Two are edible species, one to look for close to home and one to look for if you are enjoying this lovely weather nearer the coast. The last is a deadly poisonous species in a surprising location.

Go Ahead Given for Site Improvements at Wellacre Country Park, Trafford

07 June 2021

Work is due to start on a huge project to improve footpaths, habitats and signage at Trafford’s beautiful Wellacre Country Park. As part of the Trafford Countryside Management Programme, City of Trees have acquired funding from Veolia Environmental Trust and Trafford Council, to implement a myriad of improvements at Wellacre Country Park.