BLOG: Go Wild in the Woods: Activity ideas for a rainy day

15 August 2019

Whatever the weather you can explore Greater Manchester's great outdoors. However here are some ideas to make sure the rain doesn't stop play!

You can download our full activity sheet in our Resource Library. And if the sun does decide to shine then check out our 'Where to go' guide for inspiring ideas of places to visit in Greater Manchester's park and woodlands - including some top tips to enhance your experience!

Nature stones

Press natural materials such as leaves, flowers and stones into homemade salt dough and bake them in the oven. Paint the dough with colours that remind you of nature. You could also just paint and decorate some stones or pebbles to make some woodland friends!

Photo credit: Hug a Horse, Flickr


Pixie Palaces and gnome homes

Make a special home for pixies and gnomes out of sticks and leaves. Make sure you collect some seeds and flowers for them to eat when they arrive!


Build a bug hotel

Create your very own bug hotel by filling old plant pots with sticks, dried grasses and leaves and then hang them from the trees for bugs to find. 


Crafty dragonflies


If you spot a dragonfly or their smaller cousin, damselflies, see if you can make one at home. Cut some card for four wings, and glue them to a pipe cleaner or wooden peg. Colour them with really bright colours!


Flower and feather crowns

Gather together petals, leaves, feathers and flowers, and glue them to a thin band of card. Wear it as a headband to look like a prince or princess of nature.


Butterfly masks

Cut some cardboard into a butterfly shape, and add some eye holes. Attach some elastic or string so you can wear it across your face, and then decorate it with pens or paint.

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