BLOG: Get Crafty this #GMTM

2 November 2020

Our first week of Greater Manchester Tree Month is all about pollinators and we've created some family friendly craft activities for you to take part in.

In Week 1 of Greater Manchester Tree Month we're celebrating pollinators; from bees to beetles, there are 1,500 known pollinators in the UK working hard to produce new generations of plants through pollination.

Pollinators do so much for us – they keep food on our plates, clothes on our backs and provide resources for use in our day to day lives. Why not celebrate pollinators with us by trying these fun arts and crafts activities?

Bee origami

Bees are the most easily recognised pollinators, pollinating a third of food crops and 90% of wild plants. By using our resources, you can create your own hive of bees at home out of a few simple materials.

You will need:

  • One sheet of A4 paper (or more, depending on how many bees you want to make)
  • Black coloured pencil
  • Yellow coloured pencil
  • Scissors

Watch the video below or you can also view the written instructions here.


Build a bug hotel

Just as we have our own houses, bugs need homes too. Building a bug hotel for your garden will provide a habitat for lots of invertebrates, such as ladybirds, spiders and beetles.

You will need:

  • Natural materials - leaves, pine cones, acorns, sticks and twigs
  • Tin can
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • String

Watch the video below or you can also view the written instructions here.

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