BLOG: Forage & Feast April

This month Dave Winnard from Discover the Wild has three plants for you to seek out! Bistort and Danish Scurvy Grass, which are edible, and Wood Anemone, which is poisonous.

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Natural Flood Management Methods Featured on BBC’s Countryfile

9 February 2021

The series of methods including leaky dams, tree planting and Sphagnum moss were featured on Sunday’s Countryfile as part of a pilot project in Crompton Moor, Oldham aiming to show how effective natural methods can be for preventing flooding.

Natural World Webinars

9 February 2021

We are launching a series of monthly webinars for both families and adults for 2021, with the aim of keeping people connected to nature safely during the pandemic.From butterflies and blossom to foraging and folklore the free sessions will cover a myriad of topics taking inspiration from the natural world. 

BLOG: Freshfields Manchester Sustainable Cookbook

8th February 2021

This blog will help you to start eating more sustainably courtesy of our wonderful partners at Freshfields Manchester.  Freshfields’ Green Group have created a cookbook with over 100 pages of delicious plant-based recipes. Eating sustainably can be a minefield, but the book includes a fantastic guide on the most sustainable products, labels to look out for, and the benefits of a plant-based diet.

BLOG: Creatives for Change

5th February 2021

Creatives for Change, a Greater Manchester design collective have raised an incredible £1403.45 for City of Trees through the sales of their stunning climate change prints.

BLOG: Forage & Feast in February

2nd February 2021

This month’s blog, in partnership with Dave Winnard from Discover the Wild, discusses what to look for this February, including Cleavers, Ground Elder and Lesser Celandine. 

Greater Manchester awarded £1.8m to boost environmental recovery and create green jobs

2 February 2021

A total of £1.8 million has been awarded to projects across Greater Manchester to support habitat restoration, protect the environment, and connect people with nature.