City Forest Park

The City Forest Park project is an exciting initiative led by the Forestry Commission, City of Trees and other key partners.

Building on previous investment, plans are in place to transform the huge site on the edge of Manchester City Centre into a world class green space, creating an amazing forest for the people.

The project brings together over 330 hectares of key green spaces and woods with the vision of creating a vast urban forest the same size and scale as New York’s Central Park. Located close to Manchester City Centre, the sites cover areas of Salford, Bolton and Bury.

The project brings together the area’s rich history and heritage from Pilkington Tiles to poetry. For centuries it was home to coal mining and chemical works, with coal-fired power stations formerly dominating the skyline.

Environmentally diverse, the site is home to quarter of a million trees, and has varied habitat including woodland, meadow heath and wetland as well as incorporating nearly 60 hectares of designated biodiversity sites.

The aim is to create a great place for people to visit and enjoy, connecting city to country; a green beating heart for Greater Manchester; a natural space for recreation, culture, wildlife and wellbeing.

The Forestry Commission and City of Trees are looking to secure investment in order to realise the site’s full potential. If you are interested in supporting this amazing project contact; Tony Hothersall; 0161 872 1660;