Transport for Greater Manchester comes on board with City of Trees

25 August 2016

City of Trees is proud to announce that Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) have come on board as a partner in the City of Trees movement.

26 August 2016

City of Trees is an innovative and exciting movement set to re-invigorate Greater Manchester’s landscape by transforming underused, unloved woodland and planting a tree for every man, woman and child who lives there, within a generation.

The movement has already seen a number of key partners come on board from landscape architects and developers to public sector bodies and community groups.

Tony Hothersall, City of Trees team comments; “In order to realise our ambitious vision and exciting goals we need people from across the City Region to come together. Many have already joined the movement and we are working together to green Greater Manchester.”

Peter Boulton, Head of Programme Management Services at Transport for Greater Manchester, said: “Transport for Greater Manchester is committed to improving the urban environment and has already carried out significant greening works throughout the city region.

“This includes the creation of a new community forest close to the Guided Busway in Leigh, extensive tree planting around Wythenshawe Interchange, a living wall and green features on the Deansgate Castlefield Metrolink stop and trees embedded in the platforms of the new St Peter’s Square Metrolink stop.

“One of TfGM’s core goals is to improve quality of life for all residents. Trees and natural assets are essential to the future of our towns and cities, and a city of trees is one that is healthier, more resilient and more prosperous.

“TfGM recognises that trees can benefit local travel by reducing air pollution, noise, the risk of flooding and providing a more inviting space for cycling and walking.

“As such we are happy to support this initiative which we view as an important continuation of the green work we already have under way.”

Tony Hothersall adds; “Every part of the city region community, from the private sector and education establishments to local authorities and developers can play a role in transforming the city region within a generation”.

If your company, organisation, community group or business is interested in joining the movement find out more.