BLOG: Go Wild in the Woods: Amazing activities for the summer holidays

25 July 2019

We're thrilled to be launching our Go Wild in the Woods campaign again this summer, just in time for the school holidays! 

Greater Manchester has some amazing woodland and parks all across the borough from Sale to Salford. Most of these places are easily reachable by public transport, free to visit (apart from possible car park charges) and many of them have woodland trails that are accessible for pushchairs and wheelchairs. You can download the 'Where to go' guide for inspiring ideas in our Resource Library.

We've come up with a brilliant list of activities and games to play while you're out to keep the youngsters entertained and help engage them in our wonderful woodlands! 

Fantastic forest art

Create a roaring lion out of leaves, or any other animal you can think of, using sticks, leaves, stones, seeds or other natural materials. Encourage others to join in, and you can always clear your canvas and start again!


Wonderful woodland colours

How many different colours can you see in the woodland? Talk about the different colours in nature and then draw them in pictures when you get home.


Mini-beast hunt

Search for creepy-crawlies in the undergrowth and see how many different types you can find and identify. Try to find 10 different types of insect, and take a magnifying glass with you to get a good look at each bug.


Journey sticks

Based on the Native American tradition, journey sticks help you to remember a special day out. Use wool or string to tie leaves, seeds, flowers and other interesting things to a stick. Then you'll remember all your favourite things about your day out and can tell your friends and family all about it later.


Pond dipping

If you have a small pond dipping net, swirl it around the pond and see what comes out. Keep your water mini-beasts in a small tub and remember to tip it back into the pond when you're finished.


Wildflower walk

See how many different colours and types you can see on a woodland walk. Do you know the names of any of them? You can always try and draw them from memory when you get home!


Twig raft

When you are at a pond or edge of a stream, can you build a little raft from twigs and sticks? Will it float, and can it carry a little cargo of pebbles? If you have any string, you can try to create a mast using another stick. What could you use for a sail?

It's also really important to let your children make up their own games outside and let their imaginations run wild. Running around with sticks, picking dandelions and playing pooh sticks are some of the simplest forms of entertainment for children, but ones that they will always remember. In our next blog we will be showcasing ideas for a rainy day!

You can download the full activity sheet in our Resource Library.

Don't forget to tag us in your summer snaps  @cityoftreesmcr with the hashtag #gowildinthewoods and you could win a copy of Robert MacFarlane and Jackie Morris's beautifully illustrated book 'The Lost Words'.