Carbon and your business

9th & 10th August

Come along to our focus group to explore the options, the benefits and potential of carbon management.

  • Do you offset your company’s carbon currently?
  • Is carbon a priority issue for you?
  • Would you like to know more about carbon management for your business?

City of Trees (the organisation leading a movement to plant three million trees across Greater Manchester) is hosting two short workshop sessions to explore the issue of carbon management for businesses.

9th & 10th August 2017 6 – 7:30pm RSK, Fourways House, 57 Hilton St M1 2EJ - refreshments provided

The informal sessions will explore your views on carbon management as an issue for your business, and current carbon offsetting products. We’ll also share some ideas for a new City of Trees product that combines local tree planting with a global offset. 

To say thank you for your time, there is a payment of £25 per participant, and a chance to win a free CSR day for your company with City of Trees.

To enquire about participating in either of these sessions, please contact Spaces are limited so booking is essential