23rd European Forum on Urban Forestry

EFUF 2020: Urban Forestry for a Resilient Future Manchester - (UK) 19-22 May 2020

Over 50% of the people in the world now live in cities. City dwellers are exposed to a whole host of challenges and our urban forests will play an increasingly important role in helping to create places that are resilient to the threats posed by climate change, poor health and economic fluctuation.

Urban Forestry for a Resilient Future will explore the critical functions provided by our urban tree resource in making our cities resilient for the 21st Century and beyond. The main venue for the event will be the INNSIDE Manchester, 1 First St, Manchester M15 4RP.

Bookings will open on 20th January.

More information is available using the links below, or any enquiries please email EFUF2020@cityoftrees.org.uk

Bookings now live via Eventbrite.